Current Topics in Zoology and Evolution

The "Institutskolloquium" of DUW Zoology

Spring Term 2022

The seminars takes place every Monday during term time at 16:15 via Zoom.

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Week Date Speaker, Affiliation Title Host
1 21.2.
2 28.2.
3 7.3. Basler Fasnacht
4 14.3.
5 21.3.
6 28.3.
7 4.4.
8 11.4.
9 18.4. Easter Monday
10 25.4.
11 2.5.
12 9.5.
13 16.5.
14 23.5.
15 30.5.

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in the “Institutskolloquium Zoologie” it is necessary to attend the seminar regularly (sign the list after the seminar) and to write an essay about one of the seminars. Any seminar (except the last two in the term) can be chosen. The essay should be about 3 pages long und should be written in the style of a report/summary of the presentation. It should also include the main points of the discussion. We prefer essays in English. The essay should be handed in (as a file and in printed form) to the host of the seminar speaker (as listed on the webpage). The host of this particular seminar will then send an email to the person responsible for the credit points of the seminar, informing him whether the essay was acceptable or not. An unacceptable essay can be repeated on another occasion.

Deadline for handing the essay in is the last seminar of the term.

It is possible to obtain credit points for the Institutskolloqium more than once.

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