Summer term 2007: Vesalianum Seminar

(Version: 20.03.07)

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

The seminars grayed out are the "Departments-Kolloq" of the Department Umweltwissenschaften (DUW) taking place on Tuesdays at 17:15 with subsequent apero.

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 Mar 26, 07 no seminar
2 Apr 2, 07 Prof. Claudia Wiegand, IGB, Berlin Cyanobacterial toxins: mechanisms of toxicity and impacts on the limnic ecosystem Patricia Holm
DUW Apr 3, 07 Prof. Eberhardt Parlow, Institut für Meteorologie, Klimatologie und Fernerkundung Meteorologie in Basel - Methoden und Projekte
3 Apr 9, 07 no seminar (Easter)
4 Apr 16, 07 Prof. Michael Taborsky, Uni Bern Reciprocity in Animals Mathias Kölliker
5 Apr 23, 07
6 Apr 30, 07 no seminar (day before 1st of may)
7 May 7, 07 Dr. Andrew Pemberton, Uni Zürich Storage and damage of sperm by female yellow dung flies Lukas Schärer
DUW May 8, 07 Prof. Christian de Capitani, Mineralogisch-Petrographisches Institut TBA
8 May 14, 07 Prof. Dr. Reiner Eckmann, Uni Konstanz Effects of climate change, re-oligotrophication and fisheries management on year-class strength and growth of coregonids in prealpine lakes Patricia Holm
9 May 21, 07 Prof. Franjo Weising, Uni Groningen, NL to be announced Lukas Schärer
10 May 28, 07 no seminar (Whitsuntide)
DUW May 29, 07 Prof. Thomas Boller, Botanisches Institut Innate immunity in plants
11 Jun 4, 07 Prof. Dr. Stephan Neuhauss, Uni Zürich Behavioral Genetic Approaches to Vertebrate Vision Using the Zebrafish Patricia Holm
12 Jun 11, 07 Prof. Martha Manser, Zoologisches Institut, Uni Zürich Functionally referential alarm calls in meerkats: What do they refer to? Mathias Kölliker
DUW Jun 12, 07 Prof. Peter Nagel, Institut für Natur-, Landschafts- und Umweltschutz TBA
13 Jun 18, 07 Prof. Thomas Braunbeck, Uni Heidelberg The use of fish embryos - not only a replacement method of the classic fish test Patricia Holm
14 Jun 25, 07 Prof. Mark Kirkpatrick, Austin, Texas Genomic evolution caused by local adaptation and sexual selection Dieter Ebert