Current Topics in Zoology and Evolution

The "Institutskolloquium" of DUW Zoology in Fall Term 2021

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 16:15 via Zoom. A link will be send around shortly before the first seminar to all members of Zoology and to everybody registered on MONA for the course. If you want to take part in the seminar and have not received the zoom link, please contact Dieter Ebert via email.

Week Date Speaker, Affiliation Title Host
1 20.9.
2 27.9. Elina Immonen, Uppsala University How to evolve to resolve the sexual conflict Axel Wiberg & Lukas Schärer
3 4.10.
4 11.10. Ariel Kahrl, Stockholm University Sperm evolution: A micro- and macroevolutionary perspective Lukas Schärer
5 18.10. Carlo Maley, Arizona State University Cancer across animals Lukas Schärer
6 25.10. Amos Bouskila, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Implications from the study of social networks in different populations of Equids Lilla Lovász, Valentin Amrhein
7 1.11. John Young, Simmons University Heterochrony in limb development in avians and anurans Patrick Tschopp
8 8.11. David Marques, Natural History Museum Basel Old genetic variation: key to rapid adaptation and speciation? Valentin Amrhein
9 15.11. Julian Torres-Dowdall, University of Konstanz Ways of seeing: how fish adapt to novel light conditions Walter Salzburger
10 22.11. Bill Cresko, University of Oregon The genomic architecture of adaptive evolution in stickleback fish Daniel Berner
11 29.11. Scott Nuismer, University of Idaho Using self-disseminating wildlife vaccines to reduce the threat of viral spillover dieter ebert
12 6.12. Susanne Dobler, Universität Hamburg, Germany Genetic constraints and degrees of freedom in the escape from toxic cardiac glycosides - lessons from herbivores, predators and prey dieter ebert
13 13.12. Cleo Bertelsmeier, University of Lausanne Globalization and the human-mediated dispersal of invasive species Daniel Berner
14 20.12. Craig Albertson, University of Massachusetts The genetic basis of cichlid jaw shape and plasticity: How to shape a face Walter Salzburger

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in this seminar, it is necessary to attend the seminar regularly (attendance will be recorded from the online log-ins) and to write an essay about one of the seminars. Any seminar (except the last two in the term) can be chosen. The essay should be about 3 pages long und should be written in the style of a report/summary of the presentation. It should also include a summary of the main points of the discussion. We prefer essays in English. The essay should be handed in (as a file and in printed form) to the host of the seminar speaker (as listed on the webpage), who will go over it and return it to you with comments. The host of this particular seminar will then send an email to the person responsible for the credit points of the seminar, informing him whether the essay was acceptable or not. An unacceptable essay can be repeated on another occasion.

It is possible to obtain credit points for the Institutskolloqium more than once. To do so, a "Studienvertrag" has to be produced, which needs to be signed by Dieter Ebert at the beginning of the term.

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