Institutskolloquium Zoologisches Institut


Departements (DUW) Kolloquium

Preliminary Schedule Fall Term 2009

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

The seminars grayed out are the "Departements-Kolloquien" of the Department Umweltwissenschaften (DUW). They will take place on Tuesdays at 17:15 in the lecture hall on 5th floor of the Geography building at Klingelbergstrasse 27. After the talk there will be an apero.

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 14. Sep 09 Sara Mitri, Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne (EPFL) The Evolution of Communication in Social Robots. David Duneau
2 21. Sep 09 Dr. Marcos A. Antezana, University of Lisbon Highly Conserved Regimes of Neighbor-Base-Dependent Mutation Generated the Background
Primary-Structural Heterogeneities along Vertebrate Chromosomes. Abstract
J-C Walser
DUW Colloq 22. Sep 09 Prof. Dr. Renée Heilbronner, Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institut Deep Earth oder wie Langsamkeit funktioniert
3 28. Sep 09      
4 5. Oct 09 Daniel Rankin, University of Zurich Helping or Harming? Which genes should be carried horizontally and why? Mathias Kölliker
5 12. Oct 09 Dirk Schuebeler, Friedrich Miescher Institut, Basel Regulation by repression: DNA Methylation in mammalian genomes Walter Salzburger
6 19. Oct 09 Thomas Flatt, Veterinary Uni. of Vienna, Austria Physiology of the Lifespan-Reproduction Trade-Off in Drosophila Dieter Ebert
DUW Colloq 20. Oct 09 PD Dr. Günter Hoch, Botanisches Institut, Abt. Pflanzenökologie Von süssen und fetten Bäumen mobile Kohlenstoffreserven als Indikatoren der Kohlenstoffversorgung von Pflanzen
7 26. Oct 09 Carsten Schradin, University of Zurich Social Flexibility: An integrative approache to understand ultimate reasons and proximate mechanisms of social behavior Dieter Ebert
8 30. Oct 09; Friday!! Nicholas Royle, University of Exeter, Cornwall Sexual conflict over parental investment and the evolution of personality Mathias Kölliker
9 9. Nov 09 Tine Huyse, University of Leuven, Belgium Hybridization in parasitic flatworms Walter Salzburger
10 16. Nov 09 Martin Ackermann, ETH Zurich Individuality in Bacteria: from Aging to Cooperation Walter Salzburger
DUW Colloq 17. Nov 09 Prof. Dr. Christian Meyer, Direktor Naturhistorisches Museum Basel Erfolgsmodellle des Mesozoikums. Ein Einblick in die Paläobiologie der Sauropodomorpha (Dinosauria; Saurischia)
11 23. Nov 09 no seminar Latsis Meeting in Zurich


12 30. Nov 09 Sharmishtha Dattagupta, University of Goettingen, Germany Unraveling a recently evolved symbiosis between a cave-dwelling amphipod and chemoautotrophic bacteria M. Matschiner, M. Muschick, W. Salzburger
13 7. Dec 09 Felix Gugerli, WSL, Birmensdorf When phylogeography meets biogeography: Inter- and intraspecific differentiation and genetic diversity in alpine plants J-C Walser
14 14. Dec 09 Göran Arnqvist, University of Uppsala Selection on female choice traits: insights offered by seed beetles Lukas Schärer
DUW Colloq 15. Dec 09 PD Dr. Mikhail Pooggin, Botanisches Institut, Abt. Pflanzenphysiologie Role of small interfering RNAs in plant defense against viruses

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