Current Topics in Zoology and Evolution

The Institutskolloquium of the Zoological Institute

Spring Term 2017

The seminars usually take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

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Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 20.2. Block Course, no seminar
2 27.2. Christian Mosimann, Universität Zürich Decoding the cellular and molecular origins of cardiovascular cell fates using zebrafish Patrick Tschopp
3 6.3. (Basler Fasnacht) no seminar
4 13.3. Claus Wedekind, University of Lausanne
(Block Course, Week 3)
Evolutionary conservation biology - the example of salmonids in Switzerland Daniel Berner
5 20.3. Michael Jennions, ANU, Australia Males, Females and Sex Ratios Lukas Schärer
6 27.3. Kayla King, Oxford Rapid evolution of microbe-mediated protection against infections Dieter Ebert
7 3.4. Richard Neher, Biozentrum, U Basel Population genetics of rapid adaptation and the predictability of evolution Dieter Ebert
8 10.4. Henrik Kaessmann, Uni Heidelberg The evolution of mammalian gene expression across multiple dimensions Walter Salzburger/Athimed El Taher
9 17.4. (Easter Monday) no seminar
10 24.4. Joost Woltering, Universität Konstanz Development and patterning of fish fins Patrick Tschopp
11 1.5. (International Workers' Day) no seminar
12 8.5. Simon Aeschbacher, University of Bern What can genomic divergence tell us about selection and demography? Lessons from plants and humans Daniel Berner
13 15.5. Kristina Sefc, Uni Graz The evolution of conspicuous color patterns Bernd Egger, Walter Salzburger
14 22.5. Leif Andersson Detecting signatures of selection in natural populations using whole genome sequencing Walter Salzburger
15 29.5 Aylwyn Scally, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK Speciation, demography and genomic mutation in the great apes Walter Salzburger, Milan Malinsky

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in the “Institutskolloquium Zoologie” it is necessary to attend the seminar regularly (sign the list after the seminar) and to write an essay about one of the seminars. Any seminar (except the last two in the term) can be chosen. The essay should be about 3 pages long und should be written in the style of a report/summary of the presentation. It should also include the main points of the discussion. We prefer essays in English. The essay should be handed in (as a file and in printed form) to the host of the seminar speaker (as listed on the webpage). The host of this particular seminar will then send an email to the person responsible for the credit points of the seminar, informing him whether the essay was acceptable or not. An unacceptable essay can be repeated on another occasion. Deadline for handing the essay in is the last seminar of the term.

It is possible to obtain credit points for the Institutskolloqium more than once.

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