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Departements (DUW) Kolloquium

Preliminary Schedule Spring Term 2010

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

The seminars grayed out are the "Departements-Kolloquien" of the Department Umweltwissenschaften (DUW). They will take place on Tuesdays at 17:15 either in the small or the big lecture hall of the Vesalianum at Vesalgasse. After the talk there will be an apero.

Week Date Speaker Title Host
- 1.2. Jack Werren, University of Rochester Can we use Nasonia to Reveal Evolutionary Genomic Processes of Adaptation and Speciation? Laura Baldo
Extra Tue 2.2. 12:15 Mike Cummings, University of Maryland The genealogical sorting index M. Matschiner, W. Salzburger
1 1.3.
2 8.3. Simon Creer, Bangor University Unmasking marine meiofaunal diversity with second generation sequencing: Practice, pitfalls and promises. Lukas Schärer
DUW Colloq 9.3 Dr. Leander Franz, Geologisch-Mineralogisches Institut TBA
3 15.3. no seminar, block course
4 22.3. block course talk: Jens Krause, Univ. Leeds / Humboldt Univ. Berlin Collective behaviour and swarm intelligence M. Kölliker
5 29.3. block course talk: Thomas Holstein, Uni Heidelberg The Hydra Genome and the Evolution of Metazoan Complexity D. Ebert, W. Salzburger
6 5.4. Easter Monday
6 Tue 6.4. block course talk: Virpi Lummaa, Uni Sheffield Measuring natural selection in humans M. Kölliker
7 12.4.
DUW Colloq 13.4 Prof. Dr. Francesco Menottii, Institut für Prähistorische und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie TBA
8 19.4. Nicholas Priest, Univerity of Bath The fitness consequences of having sex. Cancelled due to volcano ash problems! Rescheduled to 20. September! Lukas Schärer
9 Thur 29.4. Jeremy McNeil, University of Western Ontario Behavioural and physiological aspects of reproduction: a comparison of migrant and non-migrant populations of the armyworm moth, Pseudaletia unipuncta Mathias Kölliker
10 3.5. Manolis Dermitzakis, University of Geneva Cellular population genomics in humans Walter Salzburger
11 10.5. Heinz Richner, University of Bern The evolution of maternal responses to parasites Mathias Kölliker
DUW Colloq 11.5 Prof. Dr. Jürg Stöcklin, Botanisches Institut, Abteilung Pflanzenökologie TBA
12 17.5. Michel Milinkovitch, University of Geneva Virtues and limitations of comparative genomics for Evo-Devo Walter Salzburger
13 24.5. no seminar, Pfingsten
14 31.5. Jutta Schneider, University of Hamburg Cooperation in sub-social spiders Mathias Kölliker
DUW Colloq 1.6. Dr. Silke Robatzek, Botanisches Institut, Abteilung Pflanzenphysiologie TBA
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