Vesalianum Seminar

Schedule Spring Term 2008

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

The seminars grayed out are the "Departments-Kolloquien" of the Department Umweltwissenschaften (DUW). They will take place on Tuesdays at 17:15 in the Geographie building Klingelbergstrasse 27 in the lecture hall on 5th floor. After the talk there will be an apero.

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 18. Feb 08 No seminar (Bloc course)
2 25. Feb 08 No seminar (Bloc course)
DUW Colloq 26. Feb 08 Christian Körner, Botanisches Institut, Pflanzenökologie Experimentelle Pflanzenökologie an Beispielen von den Alpen bis in die Tropen
3 3. Mar 08 No seminar (Bloc course)
4 11. Mar 08
Attention: Workshop with 4 talks on Tuesday!
9:30 George Turner, Bangor University, UK Mate choice, sensory modalities and speciation in cichlid fishes
11:00 Tony Wilson, University of Zurich Male pregnancy in seahorses and pipefish: beyond the mammalian model
13:30 Henrik Kaessmann, University of Lausanne Chromosomal gene movements reflect the recent origin and biology of our sex chromosomes
15:00 Giovanni Galizia, University of Konstany, Germany Bees, brains and behavior: the role of neural networks in insect olfaction
W. Salzburger
DUW Colloq 11. Mar 08 Nikolaus Kuhn, Geographisches Institut, Abteilung für Physiogeographie und Umweltmodellierung Geomorphologie und Kohlenstoffkreislauf
5 17. Mar 08 John Wright, Norvegian University of Science and Technology Sex, showing-off and relatedness in helping decisions of the cooperatively breeding mell miner M. Kölliker
6 24. Mar 08 No seminar (Easter Monday)
7 31. Mar 08 Alexandre Roulin, Université de Lausanne Sexually antagonistic selection on a female ornament: causes and consequences M. Kölliker
DUW Colloq 1. Apr 08 Walter Salzburger, Zoologisches Institut, Evolutionsbiologie Evolution in Darwin's Traumseen: Die adaptiven Radiationen der Buntbarsche in Ostafrika
8 7. Apr 08 Renata Behra, EAWAG, Environmental Toxicology Engineered nanoparticles: a new challenge in ecotoxicology P. Holm
9 15. Apr 08
Symposium ESEB with 3 talks on Tuesday!
9:15 Isabelle Olivieri, Université Montpellier, France What kinds of questions can be asked with experimental evolution? Preliminary results with spider mites
dann Coffee, Gipfli
10:40 Patsy Haccou, Leiden University, The Netherlands Generalized Wars of Attrition in Biology
ca. 11:40 Allen Moore, University of Exeter, UK Family Life in the Burying Beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides
D. Ebert
10 21. Apr 08 Susanne Haertel-Borer, EAWAG, FIBER The significance of fish for the food web structure and food web regulation of aquatic ecosystems. Examples from fresh- and saltwater P. Holm
11 28. Apr 08 PD Dr. Karl Matthias Wantzen, ATIG, Universität Konstanz The Pantanal Ecology Project - applied research for sustainable management of a large tropical wetland P. Holm
DUW Colloq 29. Apr 08 Moritz Lehmann, Institut für Umweltgeowissenschaft Isotopenfraktonierung: Kleine Unterschiede, grosse Hilfe! - Anwendungsbeispiele aus der aquatischen Biogeochemie
12 5. May 08 Roland Scholz, ETH Zürich Low Risks, High Public Concern? How to relate risk perception and risk assessment? -- The Cases of Persistant Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants (POPs) P. Holm
13 12. May 08 No seminar
(Whitsuntide, Pfingsten)
14 19. May 08 Jeremy Field, University of Sussex Helping in primitively eusocial wasps M. Kölliker
15 26. May 08 Rita Triebskorn, Universität Tübingen Bitter pills for trout: Relevance of drug residues in surface water systems for fish health P. Holm