Research Seminar SS 2006

Research Seminars take place every Thursday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).

NEW!!! From winter term 2006/07 onwards, this seminar series will be held biweekly on Tuesdays at 12:15.

Week Date Speaker Title
1 Apr 6 Olivia Roth Host gender specific parasite performance
2 Apr 13 no seminar
3 Apr 20 Florian Altermatt Ephippia production in the context of the Daphnia metapopulation in Tvärminne
4 Apr 27 Workshop in infectious disease biology (13-17h) See extra program.
5 May 4 Nathaline Erne Dawn and dusk singing in the wren: a role in territory defence?
6 May 11 Thomas Fabbro The Evolution of Plasticity
7 May 18 Sabrina Gaba Tba
8 May 25 no seminar
9 Jun 1 Frida Ben-Ami Preliminary title: Multiple infections in Daphnia
10 Jun 8 Sergey Gavrilets Sexual conflict
11 Jun 15 no seminar
12 Jun 22 Oliver Balmer Preliminary title: Trypanosoma infections in mice
13 Jun 29 no seminar
14 Jul 6 Aurelien Tellier Polymorphism maintenance in gene-for-gene systems: Is theory like mist on eyeglasses, obscuring facts?