Research Seminar (The new program for WS 2005/2006 will come soon).

Research Seminars take place every Thursday during term time at 12:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).

14 AprilKathleen Beese (NLU)
21 AprilLaurence MoutonBacterial density in multiple infections and diversity of cytoplasmic incompatibility in haplodiploid species: Wolbachia and sex.
28 AprilLouis Du Pasquier
12 MayDominik RefardtDouble infections - opening a can of worms?
19 MayStefan Müller (NLU)Unintended gardeners at high altitude - the anthropogenic impact on relic plant species of the Jura Mountains
26 Maynothing yet (note that Frida Ben-Amis talk has been moved to June 16!)
2 JuneMarc Zbinden
9 JuneFranca ParpanEffect of population size and density on parasite presistence
16 JuneFrida Ben-AmiParthenogenesis versus sexual reproduction in the snail Melanoides tuberculata
23 JuneMartin Künzle
30 JuneLena Wilfert (ETHZ) Hunting QTLs in bumble bees - an update
7 JulySabrina GabaThe spread of drug resistance in a direct life cycle nematode parasite: what kind of modelling approach?