Current Studies in Evolutionary Biology

The "Research Seminar" of the Zoological Institute

Fall Term 2018

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).
If not mentioned otherwise speakers are members of the Zoological Institute.

Week Date Speaker Title Group
1 18.9.
2 25.9.
3 2.10. Anna Eberhard Genetic indentification of ungulates trough mtDNA on browsed twig in Switzerland Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden Walter Salzburger
4 9.10. George Pacheco* The Rock Dove: Fancy! Ubiquitous! Gone? Walter Salzburger
5 16.10. Maxwell E.R. Shafer, Harvard/Biozentrum* Exploring hypothalamic cell type diversity in surface and cave morphs of Astyanax mexicanus using single-cell RNA-Seq Walter Salzburger
6 23.10.
7 30.10. Emmanuelle Grall* Patterning-relevant cell fate decisions during digit development: establishment of the joint cell identity Patrick Tschopp
8 6.11. Tomasz Mamos, University of Lodz, Poland Amphipoda the way of life. Phylogeography of freshwater crustaceans in Europe Walter Salzburger
9 13.11. Freya Pappert* Venom variability in cobras: co-evolution of defensive spitting and cytotoxicity Valentin Amrhein
10 20.11. Jeremias Brand Convergent evolution of hypodermic insemination in Macrostomum flatworms Lukas Schärer
11 27.11. Alexander Hobi Evolutionary conservation of Sox9 and Gdf5 enhancers and their role in limb development Patrick Tschopp
12 4.12. Nicola Mazzoleni* Preliminary title: Development of RNAi in Daphnia magna Dieter Ebert
13 11.12. Jakob Eggenberger Foraging benefits of white color morphs in black bears (Ursus americanus) Valentin Amrhein
14 18.12. Maridel Fredericksen Molecules of coevolution: using proteomics to understand host-parasite interactions Dieter Ebert

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in this seminar, it is necessary to 1) attend the seminar regulary (sign the list) and 2) take part in 5 post-seminar discussions (about 30 minutes). The seminars where the name of the speaker is printed in bold type and marked with * will have a post-seminar discussion. During these discussions the quality of the talk will be discussed (in the obligatory absense of the speaker). The speaker will later receive feedback from one participant of the discussion.

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