Current Studies in Evolutionary Biology

The "Research Seminar" of the Zoological Institute

Fall Term 2013

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).
If not mentioned otherwise speakers are members of the Zoological Institute.

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 17.9. Mathias Kölliker Parent-offspring negotiation and the coadaptation of parent and offspring response rules
2 24.9. Kristina Vogt Scent-marking behaviour and social dynamics in a wild population of Eurasian lynx Mathias Kölliker
3 1.10. Cesar Metzger* Genetics of resistance Dieter Ebert
4 8.10. Marius Rösti Molecular signatures of adaptation from shared standing variation Daniel Berner
5 15.10. Roman Mendelin* tba Dieter Ebert
6 22.10. Fabrizia Ronco Divergence between lake and stream habitats in an East African cichlid fish Bernd Egger, Walter Salzburger
7 29.10. Florian Meury* A novel approach to study phenotypic evolution in an adaptive radiation Walter Salzburger
8 5.11. Tania Bosia The function of anal fine egg-spots in the cichlid fish Astatotilapia calliptera Walter Salzburger
9 12.11. Alexandra Mushegian Diverse interactions between Daphnia and associated bacteria Dieter Ebert
10 19.11. Florian Halbeisen* Breeding success of the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) Valentin Amrhein
11 26.11. Aline Schlatter RNAi-mediated manipulation of a sperm morphological trait in a hermaphroditic flatworm Lukas Schärer
12 3.12. Lina Sandrin* Who is the father of my kids? - Population density and paternity patterns in the European earwig Mathias Kölliker
13 10.12. Min Wu Transcriptomic analyses and gene expression in the European earwig Mathias Kölliker
14 17.12. Jessica Michel tba Dieter Ebert

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in this seminar, it is necessary to 1) attend the seminar regulary (sign the list) and 2) take part in 5 post-seminar discussions (about 30 minutes). The seminars where the name of the speaker is printed in bold type and marked with * will have a post-seminar discussion. During these discussions the quality of the talk will be discussed (in the obligatory absense of the speaker). The speaker will later receive feedback from one participant of the discussion.

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