Research Seminar Fall Term 2012


Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).
If not mentioned otherwise speakers are from the Zoological Institute.

For the new credit point regulation, see below!

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 18.9. Lucas Marie-Orleach Genetic variation in siring success in a simultaneous hermaphrodite using transgenic GFP-expressing lines Lukas Schärer
2 25.9. Nadja Burri Indirect genetic effects in a simultaneous hermaphrodite: how does your partner's genotype influence you? Lukas Schärer
3 2.10. Karoline Fritzsche, Univ. Uppsala* Homage to Bateman: sex roles predict sex differences in sexual selection Lukas Schärer
4 9.10. Astrid Böhne Comparative Sexomics in African cichlids from Lake Tanganyika Walter
5 16.10. Sara M. Stieb* Synaptic plasticity in visual and olfactory brain centers of the desert ant Cataglyphis Walter
6 23.10.
7 30.10. Shirley Raveh* Male mating behaviour and genetic benefits through female preferences Mathias Kölliker
8 6.11.
9 13.11. Sam Pichon* Preliminary title: Daphnia microbiota Dieter Ebert
10 20.11. Elodie Belz Olfactory information use for foraging in Microplitis mediator, a parasitoid of the cabbage pest Mamestra brassicae. Mathias Kölliker
11 27.11 Marius Roesti The recombination landscape in stickleback: patterns and implications Daniel Berner
12 4.12. Matt Hall Preliminary title: QTL mapping of resistance in Daphnia Dieter Ebert
13 11.12. Stefan Boos* When family life starts in a burrow: Is maternal egg-attendance beneficial in earwigs? Mathias Kölliker
14 18.12. Elham Sheikh-Jabbari tba Dieter Ebert

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in the "Research Seminar" it is necessary 1) to attend the seminar regulary (sign the list) and 2) to take part in 5 post-seminar discussions (about 30 minutes). The seminars where the name of the speaker is printed in bold type and marked with * will have a post-seminar discussion. During these discussions the quality of the talk will be discussed (in the obligatory absense of the speaker). The speaker will later receive feedback from one participant of the discussion.

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