Research Seminar Fall Term 2011


Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor). If not mentioned otherwise, speakers are from the Zoological Institute of Basel University. If not mentioned otherwise speakers are from the Zoological Institute.

For the new credit point regulation, see below!

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 20.9. Marco Archetti, Uni. Basel From selfish genes to public goods: theory and practice of collective action problems Dieter Ebert


27.9. Georg Funk, Uni. Basel Quantification of basic epidemiological characteristics of human polyomaviruses Dieter Ebert
3 4.10. Marilou Sison-Mangus Pseudonitzschia microbiota: influences on the diatom hosts’s fitness and toxin production Dieter Ebert
4 11.10. Nicolas Strebel Estimating unbiased bayesian spring arrival dates in birds Valentin Amrhein
5 18.10. Anne Roulin Local adaptation of sexuality in Daphnia magna Dieter Ebert
6 25.10. Marius Roesti Genomic divergence during incipient speciation in threespine stickleback Daniel Berner/ Walter Salzburger
7 1.11. Fabio Cortesi Being yellow or brown: Eecological base for colour adaptation in a marine fish Dieter Ebert
8 8.11. Marinela Dukic Recombination in parthenogenesis and its consequences Dieter Ebert
9 15.11. Joel Meunier Family life, genetic conflicts and co-adaptation in earwigs Mathias Kölliker
10 22.11. Eveline Diepeveen Unraveling the causes of selection pressure on Hivep1 in cichlid fishes Walter Salzburger
11 29.11. Roberto Arbore High-throughput gene expression analysis in Macrostomum lignano using RNAseq, in situ hybridization and RNA-interference Lukas Schärer
12 6.12. Steve Ramm The sex life of a(nother) worm: reproduction in Macrostomum hystrix Lukas Schärer
13 13.12. Jason Andras Parasite Biogeography: Population genetic structure of Pateuria ramosa throughout space and time Dieter Ebert
14 20.12. Janine Wong Environmental effects on family dynamics in the European earwig Mathias Kölliker

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in the "Research Seminar" it is necessary 1) to attend the seminar regulary (sign the list) and 2) to take part in 4 post-seminar discussions (about 30 minutes). The seminars where the name of the speaker is printed in bold type will have a post-seminar discussion. During these discussions the quality of the talk will be discussed (in the obligatory absense of the speaker). The speaker will receive later a feed back from one participant of the discussion.

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