Research Seminar

Schedule Fall Term 2008

(Version: 21.08.2008)

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 16. Sep 08 Karen Falsone, Vogelwarte and Uni Basel Effect of endurance flight on corticosterone levels in passerine birds during autumn migration D. Ebert
2 23. Sep 08 Bronwyn Heather Bleakley (University of Exeter, Cornwall) Cooperation and cannibalism: Evolution of social behaviour through indirect genetic effects M. Kölliker
3 30. Sep 08 Michael Matschiner, Uni Basel Gene flow in Antarctic fishes W. Salzburger
4 7. Oct 08 Karen Haag, Uni Basel Reduced levels of polymorphism in the O. bayeri genome D. Ebert
5 14. Oct 08 Katja Saggese, Basel and Oslo The influence of winter feeding on territorial behaviour in the great tit. V. Amrhein
6 21. Oct 08 Tobias Roth, Uni Basel Signalling patterns match receivers’ sampling behaviour in the nightingale V. Amrhein
7 28. Oct 08 Nicole Kalberer, Basel Dispersal, its influence on reproduction and host plant recognition in an alpine leaf beetle M. Kölliker
8 4. Nov 08 Moritz Muschick, Uni Basel Parallelism in pharyngeal jaws of cichlid fishes from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa W. Salzburger
9 11. Nov 08 Flore Mas, Uni. Basel Cancelled; new date: Wed, 26.11.08, at 15:15 M. Kölliker
10 18. Nov 08 Claudio Kugler, Uni. Basel V. Amrhein
11 25. Nov 08 Kiyono Sekii, Uni Basel and Uni Insbruck Experimental tests of sex allocation theory using the RNAi-knockdown approach L. Schaerer
12 26. Nov 08, Wed, 15:15 Flore Mas, Uni. Basel The smell of need & parental investment in the common european earwig. M. Kölliker
13 2. Dec 08 David Duneau, Uni Basel Males versus females versus parasites D. Ebert
14 9. Dec 08 W. Salzburger, Uni Basel Sequence first, ask questions later... W. Salzburger
15 16. Dec 08 Sylvia Martinez, Botanisches Institut, Basel Doing research with biological material from abroad D. Ebert