Research Seminar

Schedule Fall Term 2007

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 18. Sep 07 Munjong Kolss
Uni. Fribourg
Live or learn - evolutionary experiments with Drosophila M. Kölliker
2 25. Sep 07 tba tba
3 02. Oct 07 Marcel Dorken, Plant Sciences, Oxford University When to be female and when to be male: the evolution of sexual strategies in flowering plants L. Schärer
4 09. Oct 07 Sergey Gavrilets
Tennessee, USA
Dynamics of ecological speciation: case studies and mathematical models W. Salzburger
5 16. Oct 07 Jan Beck
NLU Biogeography, Basel
Adult life-spans in butterflies: exploring causes and effects by interspecific comparison L. Schärer
6 23. Oct 07 tba tba
7 30. Oct 07 Sabine Lerch, Masterstudentin Biologie der Tiere Effects of territorial intrusions on dawn singing in the winter wren D. Ebert
8 06. Nov 07 Claudine Hauri, Masterstudentin Biologie der Tiere Physical and Chemical Microenvironments Underneath Macroalgal Mats and their Effect on Understory Corals D. Ebert
9 13. Nov 07 Klaus Reinhold, Uni Bielefeld Evolutionary ecology of female choice in a grasshopper T. Janicke
10 20. Nov 07 Mark Dybdahl, Washington State University, Pullman, USA Sexual vs Clonal Reproduction: the Role of Host-Parasite Co-evolution & Ecological Interactions in Clonal Invasion D. Ebert
11 27. Nov 07 Wolfgang Weisser
Universität Jena, Germany
Wing polymorphism, natural enemies and dispersal in aphids D. Ebert
11 29. Nov 07 (Thursday, same time) Patrik Nosil
University of British Columbia, Canada
The Stages of Ecological Speciation W. Salzburger
12 04. Dec 07 Daniela Brites, Zoology, Uni Basel A highly variable Dscam homologue in Daphnia
13 11. Dec 07 Joachim Luginbühl, Masterstudent Identification and Characterization of Target Genes of the ETS Transcription Factor PEA3 in Motor Neurons D. Ebert
14 18. Dec 07 Sandra Steiger, Universität Freiburg Cuticular lipids and their role in the communication system of a biparental beetle Flore Mas