Research Seminar

Schedule Spring Term 2012

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).
If not mentioned otherwise speakers are from the Zoological Institute .

For the new credit point regulation, see below!

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 21. 2.      
2 28. 2. Fasnacht
3 6. 3.
4 13. 3. Emilia Santos Spot the difference! The genetic basis of an evolutionary novelty in cichlid fishes Walter Salzburger
5 20. 3. Inon Scharf, Johannes Gutemberg University Mainz Parasites in cavity-dwelling ants: Effects on behavior, morphology and life history Joel Meunier
6 27. 3. Daniele Dolce Morphology and population structure of 4 nightingale populations Valentin Amrhein, Walter Salzburger;
7 3. 4. Xenia Ehrensperger Evolutionary history of an unknown species from Lake Tanganyika Walter Salzburger
8 10. 4. Fabienne Kim The evolution of dlx genes in East African cichlid fishes Walter Salzburger
9 17. 4. Alexandra Mushegian Bacterial community diversity at the periphery and center of individual lichens Dieter Ebert
10 24. 4. Tobias Schär Investigations on an unknown microsporidian-like gut parasite of Daphnia magna Dieter Ebert
11 1. 5. 1st of May, no seminar    
12 8. 5. Melanie Clerc Pasteuria ramosa life-history evolution: artificial selection and genetic variation Dieter Ebert
13 15. 5. Sebastian Gygli Current topics in the molecular biological analysis of Pasteuria ramosa Jean-Claude Walser
14 22. 5. Judith Bachmann The role of facial stripes and evolution in cooperatively breeding cichlids Walter Salzburger
15 29. 5. Dario Moser Rapid and parallel lake-stream divergence of stickleback life history within a single drainage Walter Salzburger

Credit points

To obtain credit points for participation in the "Research Seminar" it is necessary 1) to attend the seminar regulary (sign the list) and 2) to take part in 5 post-seminar discussions (about 30 minutes). The seminars where the name of the speaker is printed in bold type will have a post-seminar discussion. During these discussions the quality of the talk will be discussed (in the absense of the speaker). The speaker will later receive feedback from one participant of the discussion.

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