Research Seminar

Schedule Spring Term 2011

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).

Week Date Speaker Title Host
-3 18.1. Yuri Kläfiger Testing the sensory exploitation hypothesis for the evolution of egg-spots in East African cichlids W. Salzburger
-2 1.2. Romina Celozzi The genetic basis of egg-spot development in Ophthalmotilapia ventralis W. Salzburger
-1 8.2. Daniel Chourrout, SARS Institute, Bergen Conservation of genome organization in metazoans: does it really matter? Louis du Pasquier / Lukas Schärer
1 22. 2.      
2 1. 3.
3 8. 3.
4 15. 3. Fasnacht
5 22. 3. Elodie Belz Animal behaviour and biocontrol: attraction of parasitoids to companion plants in cabbage fields M. Kölliker
6 29. 3. Dimitri Stucki The evolution of family interactions by antagonistic coadaptation M. Kölliker
7 5. 4. no seminar    
8 12. 4. Niklaus Mehring Evolution of telomere associated proteins J.-C. Walser
9 19. 4. Jarkko Routtu The linkage map and QTLs of Daphnia magna revisited D. Ebert
10 26. 4. Yamenah Gomez The dynamics of family life: an experimental study on mother-offspring interactions in European earwigs M. Kölliker
11 3. 5. Karen Haag Geographical parthenogenesis: a case study on microsporidian parasites of Daphnia D. Ebert
12 10. 5. Lisa Bradbury Chemical profile reflects forceps size in the male earwig: the role in intra- and inter-sexual interactions M. Kölliker
13 17. 5. Sandra Kupfernagel Sexual selection in a simultaneous hermaphrodite: mate choice and sperm utilization patterns L. Schärer
14 24. 5. Daniel Berner On the misuse of principal component analysis in biology W. Salzburger
15 31. 5. Lucas Marie-Orleach Copulatory behaviours and fitness consequences in Macrostomum lignano L. Schärer

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