Research Seminar

Schedule Spring Term 2009

Research Seminars take place every Tuesday during term time at 12:15 to 13:30 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (Vesalgasse 1, first floor).

If not mentioned otherwise, speakers are from the Zoology Institute at Basel University.

Week Date Speaker Title Host
-1 3. Feb 09 Adam Petrusek, Prag University Daphnia in canyon-shaped reservoirs: spatial distribution and hybridization affected by environmental gradients D. Ebert
0 10. Feb 09 Cesar Metzger, Lausanne University Testing the Competitive Exclusion Principle using various niche parameters in a native (Natrix maura) and an introduced (N. tessellata) colubrid D. Ebert
1 17. Feb 09 Benjamin Lange Host range evolution of a microsporidian parasite D. Ebert
2 24. Feb 09 Thierry Lefevre, Uni. Montpellier, France PARASITIC MANIPULATION inVECTOR-BORNE DISEASES David Duneau
3 3. Mar 09 no seminar (Basler Fasnacht) -
4 10. Mar 09 no seminar (bloc-course) -
5 17. Mar 09 no seminar (bloc-course) -
6 24. Mar 09 no seminar (bloc-course) -
7 31. Mar 09 no seminar (bloc-course) -
8 7. Apr 09 Daniel Berner The role of the (co)variance structure in adaptive diversification? insights from stickleback W. Salzburger
9 14. Apr 09 Barbara Tschirren, Lund University, Sweden Mothers matter: Evolutionary implications of maternal effects in birds M. Kölliker
10 21. Apr 09 Harris Fienberg Mendelian Genetics of Daphnia and the Development of a Novel Dahpnia Phagocytosis Assay D. Ebert
10 Special
22. Apr 09, 14:00
Peter Wirtz, Madeira The National Geographic expedition to Sao Tome Island - marine biology of the tropical eastern Atlantic W. Salzburger
11 28. Apr 09 Jarkko Routtu Mapping genes in Daphnia magna D. Ebert
12 5. May 09 Tim Janicke Behavioural and morphological responses to group size in a hermaphroditic flatworm L. Schärer
13 12. May 09 . . .
14 19. May 09 Peter Sandner How Macrostomum lignano responds to sperm competition and how paternity success can be predicted L. Schärer
15 26. May 09 Adrian Indermaur The evolution of trophic specialization in the Tanganyikan cichlid tribe Tropheini W. Salzburger