Minisymposium in Evolutionary Biology Zoological Institute, Basel

Montag, 24. April, 13-18h Kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalianum, 1. Stock
Everybody welcome!!

Time Speaker Title
13h15 Prof. Xavier Vekemans, Universite de Lille, France The population genetics and genomics of the self-incompatibility locus in Arabidopsis haller
14h15 Prof. Paul Schmid-Hempel, ETH, Zürich Variability and immune defenses
15h15 Break  
15h45 Prof. Juha Merilä, Helsinki University, Finland Molecular markers and quantitative traits: prospects and pitfalls
16h45 Prof. Paul Brakefield, Leiden University, Netherlands Evo-devo, butterfly wings and constraints on selection

For further information please contact: Dieter Ebert (dieter.ebert(at)

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