Vesalianum Kolloquium: Zoologie - MGU Seminar

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

Date Speaker Title
Oct 24, 05 Jörg Oehlmann,
University of Frankfurt, Germany
Effects of environmental endocrine disrupters, pharmaceuticals and personal care products on aquatic invertebrates
Oct 31, 05 NO SEMINAR
Nov 07, 05 Lukas Keller,
Zoological Museum, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Inbreeding depression in the wild: what we know and what we don't
Nov 14, 05 Juliane Hollender,
University of Aachen, Germany
To Be Announced
Nov 21, 05 Hans-Peter Beck,
Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland
The interphases of Plasmodium falciparum and its human host
Nov 28, 05 Thomas Bucheli,
FAL, Zürich, Switzerland
Organic Pollutants in Agriculture - Environmental Chemistry Meets Agroecology
Dec 05, 05 Jukka Jokela,
Dept. of Limnology, EAWAG, Dübendorf, Switzerland
Why males?
Dec 12, 05 Hinrich Schulenburg,
Animal Evolutionary Ecology, University of Tübingen, Germany
Evolutionary analysis of parasite-host interactions in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Dec 19, 05 Fréderic Mery,
Unit for Ecology and Evolution,University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Evolution of memory: what can we learn from a fly
Jan 09, 06 Steve Maund,
Syngenta, Basel, Switzerland
Aquatic risk assessment of pesticides
Jan 16, 06 Daniel Dietrich,
Environmental Toxicology, University of Konstanz, Germany
Toxic cyanobacteria: Hazards for human and environment?
Jan 23, 06 Sophie Karrenberg,
Geobotanical Institute ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Ecological adaptation as a driver of homoploid hybrid speciation in sunflowers
Jan 30, 06 Werner Kloas,
Dept. of Inland Fisheries, Leibniz-Institute of Freshw Ecol and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany
Amphibia as model organisms to track endocrine disruptors
Feb 06, 06 Vicky Schneider,
Fish Ecology Group, EAWAG, Kastanienbaum
Understanding speciation processes in fish
Feb 13, 06 Christian Laforsch,
Dept Biology II, University of Munich, Germany
New insights in inducible morphological defenses