Vesalianum Kolloquium: Zoologie - MGU Seminar

The seminars take place every Monday during term time at 11:15 in the small lecture hall of the Zoological Institute (kleiner Hörsaal, Vesalgasse 1, 1st floor).

Date Speaker Title
Apr 3, 06 Mario Wullimann, Paris Evolution of the vertebrate brain
Apr 10, 06 Georg Armbruster, NLU Basel Selection and linkage disequilibrium in the gene pool of a land snail
Apr 17, 06 NO SEMINAR (Ostermontag)
Apr 24, 06 Paul Brakefield, Leiden, NL
Xavier Vekemas, Lille, France
Juka Merila, Helsinki, Finland
Paul Schmid-Hempel, Zürich
Minisymposium 13-17h (see extra program)
May 1, 06 NO SEMINAR (Tag der Arbeit)
May 8, 06 -
May 15, 06 Dr. Elisabeth Eppler (M. Reinecke) Indication for a particular physiological impact of IGF-I, its organ-specificity during development and the differental interference of estrogen with IGF-I in a representative teleost.
May 22, 06 Schaffner Walter, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Zurich-Irchel Homeostasis and detoxification of heavy metals: from insects to mammals.
May 29, 06 Enrique Navarro Spanish reservoirs, a general ecological overview: application of the EU Water Framework Directive in 21 reservoirs and settlement success of Dreissena polymorpha in three coupled reservoirs.
Jun 5, 06 NO SEMINAR (Pfingstmontag)
Jun 9, 06
Daven Presgrave, Rochester, USA Molecular evolution of hybrid incompatibilities in Drosophila
Jun 12, 06 Helmut Segner Disruption of the estrogen system in zebrafish: effects vary with life stage
Jun 19, 06 Ev. Hollender TBA
Jun 23, 06
Andrew Read, Edinburgh, UK The sociobiology of malaria infections
Jun 26, 06 Schlumpf Margret Cosmetics: New dimensions in toxicology