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Macrostomum has inspired a wealth of people in other crafts than science, especially bakers and confiseurs, but also toy designers have recently joined the frenzy.

the famous 'copulating worm' cookies

the delicious 'freshly fed hatchlings' cookies

the Lignano variety of the 'Italian worm bread'

Get the truly amazing Transparent Teddy-Worm®

better than the real thing!!
the Hug 'n' Cuddle® Transparent Teddy-worm®

the head, complete
with eyes and pharynx

the gonads, complete with
forming sperm and oocytes

the tail plate, complete with
sperm, prostate and stylet

accessorize with a couple of hatchlings,
complete with their first ingested algae

gain a new level of sophistication with
the optional regurgitated algae

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