Africa 2007

In September and October 2007, our group left Switzerland for a research trip to Lake Tanganyika. After some journey (16 hours bus ride from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia) we reached...


...Mpulungu at the southern shore of Lake Tanganyika. This picture was taken is on our daily way from the Department of Fisheries to Nkupi Lodge.

Mbita Island

Preparing for a big catch at Mbita island.

Cteochromis horei

Ctenochromis horei, one of ca. 250 species of cichlids in Lake Tanganyika. Fishes (caught with gill-nets) were photographed, scanned, measured, weighted...

Night in Mpulungu

...and dissected. DNA and RNA samples were taken, the pharyngeal jaws were dissected, stomach contents were preserved, etc. This is a lot of work but, fortunately, it had "Safari"-beer at Nkupi Lodge.

Cyphotilapia a la Nkupi Lodge

And the reward: Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa), very tasty.

Luke's beach

Another of our sampling spots: Luke's beach close to the border between Zambia and Tanzania.

Booze cruise

Booze cruise at Kalambo river with Mr. Shapira and Philip Nielsen.

At work at Luke's beach

We also worked at Luke's beach (watched by baboons and vervet monkeys).

Sunset at Kalambo village

Sunset at Kalambo village.