In Memory of Bill Hamilton

William Donald Hamilton memorial Issue of the Annales Zoologici Fennici

The Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board is proud to announce the printing of the William Donald Hamilton Memorial Issue of the Annales Zoologici Fennici. The memorial issue contains 12 original papers (see below) stemming from the WD Hamilton Symposium held Oct. 20-21, 2000 at the University of California at Berkeley. You can access the articles on the web ( and download any of the following articles from the memorial issue:

  • Starks PT: Alternative reproductive tactics in the paper wasp Polistes dominulus with special focus on the sit-and-wait tactic
  • Ratnieks, FLW, Monnin T & Foster KR: Inclusive fitness theory: novel predictions and tests in social Hymenoptera
  • Kaitala V & Kaitala A: Altruism, intraspecific parasitism and reciprocity: egg carrying in the golden egg bug
  • Foster KR, Wenseleers T & Ratnieks FLW: Spite: Hamilton's unproven theory
  • Nonacs P: A life-history approach to group living and social contracts between individuals
  • Tarpy DR & Page RE Jr.: The curious promesquity of queen honey bees (Apis mellifera): evolutionary and behavioral mechanisms
  • Crozier RH & Fjerdingstad EJ: Polyandry in social Hymenoptera: disunity in diversity?
  • Daly M & Wilson M: An assessment of some proposed exceptions to the phenomenon of nepotistic discrimination against stepchildren
  • Basolo AL: The effect of intrasexual fitness differences on genotype frequency stability at Fisherian sex ratio equilibrium
  • Galvani AP, Coleman RM & Ferguson NM: Antigenic diversity and the selective value of sex in parasites
  • Getz WM: Competition, extinction, and the sexuality of species

Please contact Dr. Krzysztof Raciborski ( if you have interest in this special memorial issue in honor of WD Hamilton. Visit the AZF website for more information (