Positions in the Ebert research group

Postdoc position

We have currently an open postdoc in our research group.

Please contact Dieter Ebert by email for further details.

Postdoc position in host-parasite population genetics and genomics

A postdoc position is available in the research group of Dieter Ebert, at Basel University in Switzerland. I am looking for a highly motivated post-doc with interest in the genetics/genomics of host-parasite interactions. This position is funded to work on the Daphnia - microparasite system. A background in evolutionary genetics, molecular genetics and bioinformatics skills is welcome. Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills, a superb work ethic, and the ability to think creatively and critically are desired. Here are 4 recent publications related to this project:

- Bento et al 2017. PLoS Genetics, DOI:10.1371/journal.pgen.1006596).

- Ebert, D. & Fields, P.D. 2020. Host-parasite coevolution and its genomic signature. Nature Reviews Genetics 21: 754-768. doi: 10.1038/s41576-020-0269-1

- Ameline, C., Voegtli, F., Andras, J., Dexter, E., Engelstaedter,J. & Ebert, D. Genetic slippage after sex maintains diversity for parasite resistance in a natural host population. bioRxiv 2021.07.11.451958; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.07.11.451958

- Ameline,C., Bourgeois,Y., Voegtli, F., Savola, E., Andras, J., Engelstaedter, J. & Ebert, D. 2021. A two-locus system with strong epistasis underlies rapid parasite-mediated evolution of host resistance. Molecular Biol. and Evol. 38: 1512-1528. https://doi.org/10.1093/molbev/msaa311

The starting date for the position is negotiable. The working language in the group is English. Speaking German is helpful in everyday life in Basel, but is not a requirement. A PhD degree is required. The position is initially for 2 years, but can be extended.

Please send your application by E-mail (all material in one PDF please) to Dieter Ebert. Applications should include a motivation letter, a CV, a list of publications and a 1-page statement about research interests. Please give names and email addresses of two persons who are willing to write a letter of recommendation. Application deadline is 15. October 2021.

Further information and address for application:

Prof. Dr. Dieter Ebert, University of Basel

Department of Environmental Sciences, Zoology, Basel, Switzerland

Email: dieter.ebert@unibas.ch

Web: http://evolution.unibas.ch/ebert/

Master position

If you are interested in a Master thesis project, please contact Dieter Ebert directly.

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Dieter Ebert, Basel University, Zoology, Vesalgasse 1, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Email: dieter.ebert@unibas.ch