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Master in Animal Biology

A Basel University Program Leading to the Master of Science

Course description: Within the Basel life science program, the Department of Environmental Sciences (German title: Departement für Umweltwissenschaften) and its associates offer a comprehensive 1.5 year (3 semesters) Master course for graduates with a background in biology (Bachelor of Science or equivalent). The course builds upon the strength and leadership of our zoological research, particularly in population biology, evolutionary genetics and evolutionary ecology.

The core of the program is the Master Thesis, in which you actively participate with your own individual research project, in the fields of current research efforts of the Zoological Institute or its associated research groups. You will combine this fascinating experience with courses designed to broaden your experience in life sciences. With an MSc degree in Animal Biology, you will acquire cutting-edge knowledge in biology. This will enable you to enter a PhD program in all areas of biology, and to grasp opportunities in the agro-, pharma- and biotech-industries as well as in public research units, universities and private enterprises.

The MSc degree in Animal Biology is awarded for 90 credit points: 50 for the Master Thesis project, 30 for courses, and 10 for the final exam. Courses (lectures, seminars, practical work, essays) can be chosen individually according to the student's own preferences. Credit points can be obtained at any time before the final exam (free sequence). We encourage students to attend individual courses outside of Basel (for instance with our partners at the University of Zurich or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, but also at other universities).

The Master Thesis may center on laboratory or field work or may comprise theory or bioinformatics. A mix of different approaches is also possible. The following people offer master theses projects in animal biology and are currently supervising master students or did so in the past:

It is possible to engage other thesis supervisors if the project requires further expertise.

Master students are encouraged to write their thesis in English. Toward the end of course the Master projet has to be presented in a research seminar in the Zoological Institute in Basel.

Some key aspects of the Master in Animal Biology:

For master thesis projects in evolutionary biology click here

Duration: usually 1.5 years

ECTS: 90 credit point minimum requirement

Language(s): The entire Master program is in English.

Admission requirement: Bachelor of Science in Biology (in certain cases it may be necessary to obtain additional credit points, if the BSc degree does not fullfill the requirements of the university). Knowledge of German language is NOT required for admission to this Master program.

Address for application and information about admission can be found here.

Tel: +41 (0)61 207 30 23

Fax: +41 (0)61 207 30 35

Contact Student Administration

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Dieter Ebert, Phone: +41(0)61 207 03 60, Email: