Interaction Seminar

Spring Term 2019

Date Speaker Title of talk interaction
14.03 Maridel Fredericksen (PhD student)
Ebert Group, Unibas
Could sugars be the key to infection? Exploratory lectin staining in D. magna and P. ramosa
21.03 Pascal Angst (Master student)
Ebert Group, Unibas
Genome variation in the microsporidian Ordospora colligata
28.03 Joana Santos (PhD student)
Ebert Group, Unibas
Daphnia magna and a microsporidian interaction: sexual reproduction and environmental adaptation
04.04 Cheng Choon Ang (PostDoc)
Ebert Group, Unibas
Immunity supergene in Daphnia magna: Pasteuria Resistance (PR) locus?
11.04 Michael Rechsteiner (Master student)
Salzburger Group, Unibas
Taxonomically restricted genes in the cichlid radiation of Lake Tanganyika
25.04 multiple speakers
**SPECIAL EDITION** Sci Pet Peeve round table
02.05 Chloé Moreau (PostDoc)
Tschopp Group, Unibas
Elucidating the gene regulatory logic underlying skeletogenic cell fate convergence at cellular resolution
09.05 Pragya Singh (PhD student)
Schärer Group, Unibas
Evolution of mating behaviour in a flatworm genus
16.05 Ana Di Pietro (Master student)
Tschopp Group, Unibas
In vivo functional validation of candidate genes involved in skeletogenic convergence
23.05 Vitor Faria (PostDoc)
Ebert Group, Unibas
Resting in peace: a parasitic threat to Daphnia sexual eggs

The Principle

Speakers (MSc, PhD, or Post-Docs) give talks in english in front of their peers in an informal atmosphere (round table with drinks and snacks, no auditorium). Talks can be about almost anything (planned or finished experiments, or even theoretical work) in the field of evolutionnary biology or ecology. A very high level of interaction between the speaker and the audience is expected. People are therefore highly encouraged to stop the speaker during the talk for questions or remarks.

Drinks and snacks are provided, just bring your little coins to pay for them.

Pros and Cons of the Interaction Seminars


...for the speaker:

  • Get feedback on your project(s)
  • Exchange ideas with people from different fields

...for the audience:

  • Meet your colleagues, get to know their topics
  • Learn stuff in a relaxed way
  • Learn how to improve your own experimental designs by discussing those of others
  • Have a beer or a soft drink, some peanuts and discuss science, the stuff you love! ;-)

PS: Obviously, there are no Cons!

History of the Interaction Seminars

The first "Interaction Seminar" took place in 1999 at the Zoological Institute of the University of Basel (Switzerland). They subsequently moved together with the Ebert Group to the Biology department of the University of Fribourg in 2001 and then came back to Basel when the Ebert Group moved back to the Zoological Institute in Basel in 2005.

When and where do the Interaction Seminars take place?

The seminars take place on Thursday at 17:00 in the seminar room (Room 01.26) of the:

Universität Basel, Zoologisches Institut
Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel, Switzerland

The seminars are announced at least one week before on this webpage.

If you don't know how to find us, have a look here.

How do I participate in the Interaction Seminar?

If you want to give a talk, get informed about upcoming events or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us: Maridel Fredericksen (, Telma Laurentino ( or Christian Feregrino (

Past Interaction Seminars