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Field work is a wonderful opportunity to make wonderful friends and to completely annihilate your wonderful preconceptions about your wonderful study organisms.

obviously my baffled first time in wonderful Lignano
(Summer 2001 with Martina, Daniela and a nosy local journalist)

this time we had a wonderfully functional field lab
(Spring 2004 with Christian, Dita, Johanna and Gregor taking the picture)

a wonderfully startling encounter between two field assistants
(Spring 2003, Peter, with bucket, obviously startles Gregor; the arrow indicates prime Macrostomum lignano habitat)

I am sure someone thought: damn, it would have been too wonderful
(Spring 2004)

wonderful leadership qualities (Spring 2004)

the early bird gets the worm (a wonderful proverb)
(Spring 2003 with Reinhold and Cornelia)

we are up while others are still sleeping wonderfully (Spring 2003)

the wonderful spring 2004 field crew
(right to left, Johanna, Christian, Dita, Gregor and myself)

our wonderful prospective field station (Spring 2003)

Peter's Zen with a wonderful bucket (Spring 2003)

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