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Schärer Group
Evolutionary Biology
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Taxonomy of the genus Macrostomum and the family Macrostomidae
We are assembling an extensive data set to perform comparative analyses of reproductive trait evolution within the genus Macrostomum and the family Macrostomidae (for a first analysis see Schärer et al. 2011). We make regular collection trips to different field sites, and many people have contributed to this work (see below). For the recent species description of Macrostomum lignano we have deposited digital type material (mirrored here) together with the more classical type material (i.e. serial sections, specimens embedded for light and electron microscopy, DNA samples). To facilitate the future documentation and taxonomic description of the amazing diversity in this group of flatworms, I have initiated an online taxonomy and phylogeny website called macrostomorpha.info. You can contribute to this effort by joining this website, by sending me reprints of species descriptions, ecological literature on free-living flatworms, species lists, photomicrographs, Quetschpräparate, and any other material that may be interesting. You can reach me at lukas.scharer-at-unibas.ch. Any help is appreciated!
The following people have so far helped in one way or another: Johannes Achatz, Werner Armonies, Tom Artois, Nicola Carrasco, Nadja Cereghetti, Mohammed Charni, Alessandro Coccetti, Maria Coccetti, Bernhard Egger, Peter Funch, Christian Gärber, Benny Glasgow, Vittorio Gremini, Robert Gschwentner, Reinhold Hanel, Jan Heuschele, Toon Janssen, Ulf Jondelius, Kazuya Kobayashi, Toya Krummenacher, Peter Ladurner, Christopher Laumer, Ana Leal, Tim Littlewood, Gaby Niester, Nico Michiels, Sabine Müller, Daniel Naya, Floriano Papi, Renzo Perissinotto, Markus Pfenninger, Rodrigo Ponce de Leon, Gunde Rieger, Reinhard Rieger, Katharina Riesenbeck, Cornelia Rhomberg, Peter Sandner, Willi Salvenmoser, Gregor Schulte, Christof Seifarth, Andreas Tadler, Bart Tessens, Dita Vizoso, Hanna Weiss, Tanja Wenger, Wataru Yoshida, Johanna Zaubzer.

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