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Sexual Conflict
Experimental Evolution
After an earlier attempt (which failed because of a parasite in the culture, Schärer et al 2007a) we have recently reinitiated an experimental evolution experiment in which worms are kept over many generations under enforced monogamy or polygamy (16 lines each), thus manipulating the intensity of sexual selection and sexual conflict.
Comparative Analysis
Macrostomum is highly suitable for macroevolutionary investigations. The genus currently contains about 100 described species, which occur in freshwater, brackish and marine environments from the tropics to the poles. Within the genus there is dramatic variation in sex allocation and in the complexity of the male and female genitalia, which may be due to sexually antagonistic co-evolution.
Molecular Phylogeny of the genus Macrostomum
We have initiated an effort to construct a molecular phylogeny of the genus Macrostomum (see also Taxonomy), and to study the co-evolution between male and female genital morphology. This will allow to test for the importance of sexually antagonistic co-evolution in the evolution of hermaphrodite reproduction.

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