Visiting Charles R. Darwin

What happens if you sit over a beer in the Cargo Bar? Exactly! You come up with good ideas. So we picked up one of the many ideas and went to London to pay a visit to Charles R. Darwin. [images by Moritz Muschick]

The Natural History Museum

Our first stop was at the Natural History Museum, where Lukas Rüber had organized a "behind the scenes" tour for the SalzburgerLab.

Cichlid specimens

It might not come as a surprise that we spent quite some time with the cichlid specimens in the huge collection of the NHM...

Notothenioid specimens

...although Micha was obviously more interested in the Notothenioids (of course!).

Sexual selection

Grouping according to "sexual selection" around Charles R. Darwin...

Natural selection

...and according to "natural selection" (based on clothes color).

Down House

The second major highlight was a trip to the countryside to Down House, where Charles Darwin spent most of his life. Note the beautiful English weather!

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, where Charles R. Darwin rests next to Sir Isaac Newton.

Jumping high

Happy birthday, Mr. Darwin!