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The Daphnia magna Diversity Panel

Daphnia magna

Female Daphnia magna with resting egg case (ephippium).

The Daphnia magna diversity panel is a collection of clones from around the world (1 clone per population). We aim to obtain the complete genome sequences and diverse phenotypic data for each clone. This panel was created to cover most of the genetic diversity of D. magna across the know range of the species, which includes Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. The diversity panel is meant as a resource to explore the evolution of diversity of Daphnia magna in a geographic and genomic context. The first aims of the panel are:

The panel is still under development. As of January 2018, we have 182 clones from 4 continents. The genomes of about 150 clones are already sequenced using Illumina Hiseq technology. We aim for >20x coverage.

The current geographic coverage is

The following maps gives an overview of the sampling sites, as of September 2017.

Daphnia magna distribution Eurasia

Publications from the Diversity Panel

Do you want to contribute?

We are still looking for D. magna clones from regions so far poorly represented in the panel. If you have access to material from these regions, please contact Dieter Ebert. We need either living animals or resting eggs (ephippia), which we can hatch in our lab. Ethanol samples are less good. In particular we are keen to include more clones from outside Europe.

Do you want to use the Diversity Panel?

If you are interested to use the panel for research, please contact Dieter Ebert or Peter Fields.


The creation of this panel would not have been possible without the help of many people providing material from around the world. We thank the following people for contributing material to the reference panel:

Adam Petrusek, Alexey Kotov, Adam Petrusek, Andrei Papkou, Anna Bednarska, Anna Przytulska, Benjamin Lange, Bettina Ebert, Christoph Haag, Dieter Ebert, Elena Toenshoff, Elena Zuykova, Elham Sheik-Jabbari, Ellen Decaestecker, Eric von Elert, Federico Morrone, France Dufresne, Frida Ben-Ami, Iakovos Tziortzis, Ian Gardiner, Ioana Enache, Ivan Gomez-Mestre, Jarkko Routtu, Jason Andras, Jürgen Hottinger, Kai Lyu, Khemissa Chakri, Knut-Helge Jensen, Lev Yampolsky, Linda Weiss, Liron Goren, Loukas Theodosiou, Luc De Meester, Lukas Schaerer, Maridel Fredericksen, Marilou Sison-Mangus, Meryem Beklioglu, Mieke Jansen, Nadja Brun, Oystein Nordeide Kielland Peter Fields, Pepijn Luijckx, Piet Spaak, Piotr Dawidowicz, Ralph Tollrian, Raquel Ortells Baneres, Samuel Pichon, Sandra Lass, Sergey Glagolev, Sigurd Einum, Sue Mitchell, Turki Souad Thomas Zumbrunn, Timothy Farkas, Tom Little, Vladimir Tchougounov, Yan Gamilov and Yann Bourgeois.